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Past Events

Photos and videos of past events. To create some major FOMO! Inspiration for your next event featuring On the Flip Side !


Past Events

inspiration for your On the FLip Side Event


Sotheby’s, Inspired by Chatsworth
August 21, 2019

Material Stories: Hidden in Plain Sight

Have you ever thought about an artwork's material? What a work is made out of, or how it materialized. These stories were revealed during the tour of the paintings, furniture, and objects of the selling exhibion. We didn't have to dig to find these stories. They were staring right at us!



Sotheby’s, 19th Century European Art
May 19, 2019

Rock and Roll, Fashion, and NJ History

A tour of the 19th century European Art department's Spring Sale exhibition. We explored works from the collections of fashion designer, Richard Tyler, Seymour Stein, founder of Sire records, and a NJ Senator. In some cases, the collectors’ lives imitated the art they collected. Truly unexpected!



Colnaghi Foundation
January 28, 2019

FeMale Masters. Our Perspective

The stories of three pioneering female artists who significantly impacted the history of art; yet are relatively unknown today. Followed by a discussion with photographer, Carla van de Puttelaar, in celebration of her portrait project Artfully Dressed; Women in the Art World. Moderated by journalist, Rupa de Cont-Mikkilineni.



Warburg Realty at Colnaghi Foundation, With the Frick Collection
April 10, 2019

The Legacy Mr. Frick Curated at 1 E. 70th

To help Warburg Reality celebrate, On the Flip Side collaborated with the Frick Collection to see Henry Clay Frick from a different angle. Frick was almost assassinated and had the ultimate man cave in his New York home which had a trail blazing design. He was quite the dealmaker and a passionate art collector.



Sotheby’s, Old Master Paintings
January 27, 2019

Secrets Revealed Behind the Canvas Tour

You never know what you can find when you look beneath the surface of a painting. In the tour of the January Master Paintings Sale exhibition we discovered a secret painting, works that were covered up to make them more modest and sellable. Oh, the tricks people did to try to make a buck or two!


American Friends of the Louvre at Roman Thomas
November 1, 2018

Roman Thomas: The Modern Chippendale

Roman Thomas and Chippendale share the same ethos: their furniture is beautiful and made to last. Walking through the exquisit furniture on display at the Roman Thomas showroom we discovered the impact of Thomas Chippendale's innovative marketing with The Gentleman and Cabinet Makers’ Director.