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what it can do for you

Cocktail Lecture Series

Not Just a Cultural Experience

My lectures are bespoke and audience driven.

There is no set format.
Some examples are: a walk-through of an exhibition, showroom or private home, and an engaging presentation.

Enhances any occasion, party or gathering.

Clients, coworkers, members, friends and relatives will be captivated regardless if they are art experts or novices.

What it Does for You

Gets People Talking

Memorable occasions that will make people come back

Entices new members to join

Sells works

Elevates brand awareness

Facilitates collaborations

Provokes interest

Make it Pop 

Custom Presentation

The possibilities are endless.
Some uses are: a press release, a take away, as content on a website, social media, and print.

Specially Made Google Map

An interactive way to bring the story to life.
I mark important places such as restaurants, hotels, homes and bars and highlight their significance as it relates to the story. I also show what the key locations looked like at the time of the story, compared to how it looks now.
One can physically visit these locations and become more fully immersed in the story.